When we understand how consumers think and feel we can develop strategies to influence their behavior

Consumers actively engage (consciously and unconsciously) in the evaluation and judgment of marketing activity, including brands, advertising, digital media, public relations and other communication. These appraisals cause and shape consumer behavior.

What your brand looks like inside the mind of the consumer

To discover these appraisals we view the company / brand  from the perspective of the mind of the consumer.  We use research methods adapted from clinical psychology to identify the:

  • Criteria consumers have for satisfaction of their needs and desires in a product / service category
  • Emotions that characterize consumers’ experience of the category
  • Judgments consumers make about category brands based on their knowledge and previous experience
  • Emotional relationships that consumers have with category brands
  • Influence that these judgments and emotions have on consumer behavior

Strategy is the foundation of marketing and communication success

Successful strategies are built on the foundation of the unique consumer motivations and emotions associated with a category and brand. 

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