Consumer psychology and emotion seminars for your company's marketing and communication executives

We offer seminars for organizations in all industries to educate marketing and communication executives in the critical psychological and emotional factors which determine customer behavior.

Seminars present key concepts of consumer psychology and emotion, focusing discussion on the host company’s category and brands.

Seminars are conducted on-site to minimize attendees’ time away from the office.

Seminar attendees can expect to learn:

 - How to view your company / brand from “inside the mind” of the customer.

 - Why emotion is the essential ingredient to building your business.

 - Essential facts about emotion that executives need to know for effective marketing and communication.

 - Key factors about psychological and emotional strategies. Including:

  • How to create them for marketing and communication
  • Critical strategic components that give them power
  • How they fit into business and marketing planning
  • How to apply them in traditional, digital, and social media

 - How understanding consumer psychology and emotion enhances the value of “big data.”

The audience for these seminars is …

Organizations: corporations, non-profits, government, marketing and communication associations

People: marketing professionals up to and including CMOs, product and category management, corporate communications and issue management, advertising executives, public relations executives, creative executives, membership executives, business development executives – anyone responsible for marketing and communication

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