Discovering psychological motivations and emotional influences requires specialized techniques and expertise

The psychological and emotional factors that influence consumer behavior cannot be discovered through traditional research methods.

We have adapted concepts and techniques used in clinical psychological practice and applied these to marketing and communication.

This approach enables us to:

  • Identify the criteria and judgments used by the target market to evaluate our client's company and brands, as well as those of competitors in the category
  • Reveal category and brand related emotions that determine behavior
  • Apply these insights to shape brand personality and narrative
  • Discover the "words-that-work" - the key words and phrases that express consumers’ emotional perceptions of the category and brand

We use proprietary methodologies which have been validated by years of use in clinical settings.

 These include:

  • ConsPsych Qualitative – applying principles of psychological and emotional discovery to the traditional focus group and one-on-one in-depth interviews
  • Projective interviews – using techniques which reveal perceptions and emotions on both conscious and unconscious levels
  • Analytic technique – produces a mental map of consumers’ perceptual and emotional view of categories and brands

These methods provide insights that are the foundation of the strategic recommendations we make to influence consumer behavior and achieve client business objectives.

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