The big opportunity in digital media is not the next new technology. It is adding EMOTION to existing websites and social media.

The promise of digital and social media is promoting consumer engagement, creating brand community, and developing customer loyalty. Technology alone is not enough to make this happen.

On the receiving end of a marketer’s digital activity is a human being whose perceptions, decisions, and behavior are controlled primarily by emotions. Digital media success requires emotion.

For years, digital bandwidth limitations prevented communication of rich video and visual content that included emotion. Today, digital and social have the power of traditional media, but still communicate as though there were technical constraints.

Using emotion effectively in websites, social media, and mobile is the key to leveraging digital to be the leading contributor to brand success. Marketers can achieve this by:

  • Elevating digital and social from communicating “what” (information) – to communicating “why” (emotional experience)
  • Comprehending the meaning of consumers’ social media interaction by understanding its context, which is the emotion associated with the category and brand

The first step in maximizing the opportunities presented by digital and social media is to develop an understanding of the psychological and emotional factors which determine consumer reactions to company and brand messages.