My career has been a path to deeper understanding of consumer behavior.

I began as an MBA marketer, recruited by (Kraft) General Foods and then the Mennen Company (acquired by Colgate), managing the business of consumer brands and product categories.

A desire to get closer to the communication which affects consumer decisions about brands took me to AFG advertising (New York – Interpublic), where I worked for Fortune 500 clients.

At AFG I was exposed to the work of qualitative researcher Mimi Lieber, whose approach explored the psychological, emotional and cultural motivations of consumers. As a result this influence, I pursued and earned a doctorate degree which combined psychology and mass communication.

In the years since earning my Ph.D. I have been involved in extensive postdoctoral study focusing on the role of emotion in consumer decision-making, applying psychological personality theory to understanding consumer behavior, and adapting techniques used in clinical psychology practice to consumer research.

Additional biographical facts:

  • Writing has been published by Psychology Today, the New York Times, Advertising Age, the magazine of the American Marketing Association, and others
  • Member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Consumer Psychology
  • Academic degrees from Georgetown University, the American University, and the University of Maryland (College Park)
  • Awarded U.S. and international patents covering the integration of messages into interactive content

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